Monday, March 23, 2015

Phat Tuesday

Here it is my inaugural Phat Tuesday post.
I have been wanting to do this now for 4 weeks, you know since Fat Tuesday. I found the pun interesting and have had about a thousand thoughts on blogging since. Time on the other hand...

So here I am (reading for my Wellcoaches assignment) and BLOGGING my heart out. Because I have something heavy, so heavy on my heart. REAL. Vulnerable. And I need to share. Because this journey is all about truth.

I feel great. I feel amazing actually. I feel like I just hit a really good stride in my fitness and in my nutrition. I feel like my health issues that are currently being identified as EXCELLENT Cardiovascular Health should not be taken with a grain of salt, but rather celebrated. I was thinking the worst of the worst and here I am in the best cardiovascular health of my life. We will save that for a later post.

I was off to a baby shower. An afternoon with some of the most beautiful women I know and very influential to me as a mother. I consult my dearest friend (Pretty. Funny. Smart) and ask her what I should wear, we decide on a pink tank, black pants and my neon patent sandals that I would wear everywhere if I could. I do myself up, hair, make up, and sandals. And then I look in the mirror..... I over analyze. I look side to side. Front to back. Again and again and again. My arms are so flabby. I shouldn't have ate cheese, I am bloated. And then it hit me like a fucking brick.....will I ever be happy with this body? Will I ever look at it and be proud?

I just finished telling you not only am I apparently medically in excellent shape, but I feel like I am. So WHY AM I DOING THIS? My excess skin will sag. My arms that feel stronger than ever before will have extra skin. Will I ever remove it? NO. Do I want a wrap? Not really.

I want to not think about it. I want to cherish it and love it and never speak badly about it ever again. This journey starts and ends with a single thought. Yes, action is critical, but you have to believe it. You have to want it. So, I shed a tear or two about being so mean to myself and I moved on. With the intentions of never being mean again.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Million Things

Lately it seems that I have a million little things running around in my head. I want to write here, but words really do escape me. I never feel like I can write my feelings the way Betty can. She is funny and man she hits it on point every time. We have been sharing Instgram photos and messages daily. They are our way of getting our message across, but they are also our own personal motivation. Look for our hashtag #phatchances for even more. 

I decided to share my favorite motivations from IG:

In a nutshell here is what we are talking about through pictures. 

Endurance: the ability to exert oneself and remain active for a long period of time, as well as its ability to resist, withstand, recover from, and have immunity to trauma, wounds, and fatigue.  Right now I am more engaged and committed to my INSANITY MAX:30 than any workout I have been committed to in a very long time. This program is not only transforming my body, but I can feel it transforming my mind.

"Don't let preparation delay progress" - Jeff Hill
Planning and prep is critical to a good future or to changing your current state, but the only thing that will actually create change is ACTION. 

Our minds can change on a dime. They can change for better or for worse. We take in so much information through out the day. It can be so easy to look at something or someone and decide right there that what we are doing is not good enough or strong enough. Truth is you are your worst enemy and you need to train your mind as hard as you train your body. 

And with that if you want to #beALion you must train with Lions. If you want to be better at ANYTHING you need to do MORE of that. 

And my favorite message from Betty 
"You can put the drugs and the alcohol away, but people still gotta eat. #food #addictions require a significant amount of present #mindfulness every second of the day. It's exhausting, feels daunting and I'm tired. But I am reminded of my worth, how good it feels to weigh less and workout hard and how blessed I am to live this fortunate life. #Shitcouldbeworse."

Everyday is a chance to get it right. 

Ever tried.
Ever failed.
Try again.
Fail again.
Fail better. 

Friday, January 2, 2015


by Cara


I have to take today, the second day of 2015, to get a few things off my chest. Let's be honest to move forward I need to get out of my comfort zone. I have been really comfortable and I have been hiding a little. I try hard to stay motivated, to stay positive and to keep pushing myself, but when we start getting real I missed a few key BASICS this past year.

So with the start of 2015 we get back to BASICS. This is my favorite step on my journey and I encourage you to do the same. You might not be getting "back" to BASICS, you might be creating them for the first time. 

OK here is my HONESTY MOMENT: I gained. Not during this past holiday season (I made it a point to commit to MAINTENANCE) but I have gained in the last 2 years. I look at my top performance as November 2012. I ran my second half marathon, I had a trainer and I was hyper focused on my nutrition. I got to my lowest weight since high school, 190 lbs. Maybe it was the running, maybe it was the nutrition, maybe it was the trainer and SPIN. Either way I was FOCUSED.

Today, I weigh 211lbs. And although some of that can be muscle, which we all would love to believe, it is not all muscle. There is something to say that my pant size hasn't changed, in fact it has gone down, but I don't feel good. But I am not focused. I am not committed to my journey and I need to be. COMPLACENCY= FAILURE. It is not just about the number, although that is a tool I use to gauge my own accountability. What I found this holiday season, is that my addiction to chocolate is still a problem, that I eat when I am frustrated, and that my body does not respond well to rich, salty and cheesey foods. My body actually hates me. I have pain in places I forgot about, I broke out so badly I looked like I had chicken pox, and I am exhausted.

I have shared my BASICS strategy before, and I have decided that I need to do this 3-4x a year to make sure that I am gut checking myself every quarter. You can hold me to this. OK here they are:

1. Share my INSANITY Max:30 progression and experience PUBLICLY. This will hold me far more accountable. I will be starting on MONDAY.
2. Start my day with Shakeology EVERYDAY and to kick my chocolate addiction have a second Shakeology by 4pm most days.
3. Drink 1 GALLON of water EVERYDAY.

I will also continue to track my daily calorie intake with My Fitness Pal, but this has become a habit and I didn't feel the need to make it one of the 3 basics, because I am already committed to it. You can follow me there:  @that1momma.  And lastly, I am making my priorities a PRIORITY! OK your TURN. I would love to hear about your BASICS. If you are willing and able post your BASICS in the comments below. Every single person that shares their journey motivates me to work hard to maintain mine. INSPIRE to be INSPIRED. 


Friday, November 28, 2014

Blog-aversary: 3 Years

Here we are 3 years in. Let's do a recap:

November 2011: our journey began with 2 weeks at The Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu. You can read all about those 2 weeks by clicking here. Those 2 weeks laid down a foundation for our journey which we knew would not be easy. We were over weight, sedentary and had no idea how hard this would actually be. 

2012: was the year we would face all of this and would really need to change everything at home. Losing at home including finding support, making support, and staying focused in the reality that caused the weight in the first place. 

2013: was maintenance year. The statistics of a large weight loss over long periods is not very favorable. It is actually terrifyingly low. 2013 included changes in trainers, upping the workouts and making a HUGE conscious effort in nutrition. And we found Team Beachbody. This process relies heavily on accountability and motivation. It is very easy to eat something, because "no one will know", but it is true that what you eat in private will show in public. As we started to lose focus on training and nutrition, our Coach and Team Beachbody Challenges helped us stay accountable to what we say we were going to do.
2014: Has been a challenge. All of those things in 2013 that we thought we had a good handle on have been on going challenges to maintain. The accountability with Team Beachbody remains and is a constant aspect of our days, but the issue that remains is CONSISTENCY.  With real life it can be hard to stay consistent. Schedules change, work expectations change, as do goals. So here we are at the end of year 3, we have made some success because we have not gained it all back, but the battle continues. Everyday is a fight to be better than the day before. Every meal needs to be a reminder to fuel our bodies not our emotions. Every person we meet is a chance to INSPIRE to be INSPIRED. Because seeing others succeed fuels the fire to be stronger, better and more consistent. 

We want to encourage as many people as possible to be healthy (not skinny) HEALTHY. So we are doing a GIVEAWAY of a few of our favorite things! 

1. FitBit ONE. This new tool allows you to track your activity and your sleep. It also is a source of accountability because we will be "friends" on the FitBit App. (this GIVEAWAY is the clip on version in BLACK)

2. FIVE DAY SHAKEOLOGY CHALLENGE Starting December 8. Shakeology is a daily dose of dense superfood nutrition, in one delicious shake that honestly tastes like a treat. Packed with micronutrients you didn't even know your body needed it is a great meal replacement that is clinically proven to help with weight loss. With this prize you will be a part of a FREE accountability group on facebook with Cara as your Coach. 

3. The 21 Day Fix home workout and nutrition plan. This has become our SOUL workout. Truly a life changing plan that incorporates simple to follow 30 minute workouts with a proven nutrition plan that uses color coded pre-portioned containers. With this you will be part of the next FIX accountability group that focuses on support and success. A great tool to kick off the New Year right. 

OK here are the ways to WIN. 

-SHARE this BLOG on your facebook page #PhatChances
-SHARE PhatChances Page on your Facebook page #PhatChances
-#PhatChances on InstaGram with a Picture of WHY you should win 
(we have to be friends on Facebook and on Insta, @that1momma @bettyandthecity)

Do all three and you will be entered 3x. 


Monday, November 10, 2014

Maintain Don't Gain

by Cara


I started to think about the holidays and I was instantly brought back to last year. The mistakes I made. The food I ate. The workouts I didn't do. I remember a conversation that Brianne and I had after the fact and that we would not let it happen again. Fast forward to Halloween 2014, bean dip, meatballs, bread, Tito's and chocolate miniatures (Thank God they were mini's!) I made a declaration that moment, that night after Halloween with my sick belly, that I was going to make this the Healthiest Holiday EVER! 

And what does my amazing community of Coaches at Beachbody do, they declare the same. All on the same page, so here we go. 

Here is my plan of action:

1. Meal plan for the week. Prep food for day time like chicken and eggs and already cut and washed veggies and fruit.
2. Have a dinner plan in place and COOK.
3. No CARBS with dinner.
4. Workout minimum 30 minutes EVERYDAY and if I know I will miss a day do an extra workout the day before or after.
5. Stay accountable with my online accountability group, with this blog and with MYSELF

****6. Encourage as many people as possible to JOIN ME. 

So many people (including myself) think that waiting for the New Year is the way to go. Enjoy the time with friends and family and don't worry about the indulgences. The problem is, if we wait for 2015, if we wait for that moment the GYM is packed or after the damage is done, most likely we will give up. So why not start NOW!? Why not give yourself the GIFT of health this season. And NO gyms. Do it all on your time and in your space. 

I am setting a pretty BIG GOAL and I am hoping you will be a part of it, I am looking for 25 people to commit to their health or to GIVE the gift of health to some one else. It's time to END THE TREND of holiday gaining and work on holiday health! 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Don't Wait

by Cara


Yep right now if you look at the scale I am standing on, it says 210 lbs. FREAK OUT. That is only 70 lbs away from my starting weight. ONLY 70lbs?! Cara, get your shit together. You will never be 280 lbs again or 315 lbs again. You got this. 

Ok now that the honesty is out of the way. I need to share here (my unused source of accountability) that I did allow the summer to lack routine. I allowed a little too much alcohol and way too many potato chips. But there is a difference. I allowed those things after I got my workout in, and that is the BIGGEST difference between the 210 lb. Cara and 280 lb. Cara. The old me ate like that and sat on the couch, or napped. I also am probably changing my mass, instead of fat mass I am muscle mass and YES, there is a difference in what those look like. (Read that again, NOT ass, MASS)

So here is my plan, because if you FAIL TO PLAN, PLAN TO FAIL. I have 12 weeks until I hit my 3 year mark. Yep, if you have been reading about our journey, we have been doing this for THREE years. OK back to my plan of action, 12 weeks and 20 lbs. That is 1.6 lbs per week. SUPER HEALTHY way to lose. I also have 2 more half marathons October 5th and November 2nd. 

OK let's recap...

12 weeks
20 lbs 
Meal Planning/Prep

I am really lucky to have a Coach that is supporting not only my plan but also my personal development. John Hebison pushes me to be a better person not only in my own goals but in helping as many people I can with theirs. I am looking forward to these next 3 months, as I prepare to be my very BEST self for my 3 year weight loss a-versary. Because statistics say keeping weight off is harder than losing it. 

I am looking forward to helping as many people as I can because it pushes me harder than I will ever push myself on my own. I love sharing this journey with anyone willing to trust me. And if that is you, I can't wait to hear from you. 
Biggest lesson I have ever learned, DON'T WAIT. 

Coach Cara Garcia

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Start on SUNDAY

by Cara


I have been so focused on these two things for much of my journey. I also have an amazing support system and it includes my brother-in-law Victor. He's actually my husbands best friend, but he is the kind of best friend that really is your brother. He is also Brock's Godfather, he's everyone's Godfather. Even mine! 

We check in daily about health, fitness and life. He kills his workouts DAILY. There are days he will ask if my workout is done, because he is looking for motivation to get his done. And then there is EVERYDAY that I get an alert on my phone from MapMyRun App, that tells me he biked another insane number of miles. He is doing great and inspires me every step of the way. 

This past week he checked in on me and I was honest, I had taken a week off post half marathon. I was honest that I probably had about 3-5 excuses that were really good ones, but they were still just excuses. I was also honest that I have a half marathon maintenance plan. What he told me next is what stuck with me, 

"But you always have a positive plan to get back on track...we didn't have that before" 

He's right. 

Two and a half years ago, getting off track was eating 5 slices of pizza and going to bed. Now getting off track is taking a week off after running 13.1 miles. I think there is a big difference between the two. Don't you?

So as I prepared for this week ahead, I did what I have always done START ON SUNDAY. 

Starting on Sunday has become important to me because Monday has such a negative place in the week, so I make it the second day. Don't ask me why but this has helped. I start the week on a day that I usually have off and the day that I do much of my meal prepping, like boiling eggs, making extra baked chicken and prepping veggies. I get my first workout of the week checked off my list and it makes me feel successful from the start. Do things that make you feel successful or at least set up for success because then you have planned for it to work.

I am looking forward to this week, I have about 6 women starting the 3rd week of a 3 week program and they are doing great. I have 3 people focused on PiYo who hands down are truly remarkable people to be celebrating success with. And tomorrow I get to see one of the Coaches from my Team launch her first FREE Clean Eating educational series. August is already looking GREAT!